In firts place, thanks to HAKADOSH BARUCH HU (G-d) from the bottom of my heart for giving me the talent to sing. A real gift that I hope will inspire upir nechama (soul).

Special Thanks to my parents, Rachel and Shlomo Gammerman, who made this dream come to reality. With full guidance and incentive through every step of the way.

Mammy and Pappy you are wonderful parents B”H. I admire you very much. You granted me such great loving and caring family who are always there for me.

My brother Danny, Sister in law Aziza, Miriam, Yossed and Ari. My brother Benny, sister in law Tammy, Raphy, Debbie and Naomi. And not least but last, my dear husband Andre, my gilrs Sharon, Liora and Tamar.

I LOVE you all.

Zeide, Bobe, Babe, In laws, Uncles, Aunts, Cousins from Brazil, USA, Mexico and Israel many, many thanks.


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